House Rules

Welcome to Miraflores!.
To facilitate a better stay, we are attaching some information & the rules of the building and the apartment.

1.- CHECK IN = 03:00 p.m.
2.- Please provide the hours of your arrival. We need this information so we can have everything ready for you.
3.- If you are arriving early in the morning and need to CHECK-IN (before 3:00 p.m.), we have a 100% secure private storage in the building.
4.- You can store your belongings for a few hours. We do our best to always have the apartment ready for you on time.
5.- If you are arriving after 18:00, we will arrange the keys for you with the front desk. Please remember, we accommodate late CHECK-INs throughout the night.
6.- Please provide your WhatsApp number prior to your arrival and we will create a WhatsApp group to coordinate your CHECK-IN. If you do not have this WhatsApp application installed, please install the application on your smartphone.


1.- Please provide the time of your departure. We need this information so we can arrange everything for our following guest.
2.- CHECK-OUT time 10:00 a.m.
3.- If you have a flight in the afternoon/night, we have a 100% secure private storage in the building.
You can store your belongings for a few hours at NO COST.
4.- We require that you return the keys to us in person.
5.- Please be sure to take all your belongings with you.
6.- We need five hours to prepare the apartment for our next guest. Please respect the CHECK-OUT time.
7.- If you want to check-out after 10:00 a.m ( LATE CHECK OUT), please book the apartment for an additional day.


1.- Please note that the entire CHECK-OUT process is directly with us.
2.- Please do not ask the building / security / front desk personnel for instructions about luggage storage.
3.- The building / security personnel do not manage the storage of any suitcases.
4.- The reception of the keys and luggage are directly with us.
5.- The free luggage storage service should not exceed 10 hours.
6.- Remember that this is a personal and private deposit.
7.- Remember that we are not responsible for any type of total / partial theft or damages inside the luggage and / or outside the luggage.


1.- Upon arrival, a copy of your stamped passport / Foreigner ID Card/ ID card and driver license is needed.
This is a mandatory building policy. We must provide this information to the building staff and security.
2.- The building is very safe and secure. It is recommended, however, that you lock the door.
3.- For your valuables, the apartment has a small safe security box.
4.- If you accidentally lock your keys inside the apartment, we can make the trip to open the door for you. It has an extra cost of 30 USD. This price is to cover the cost of time & travel to pick up the copy of the key and go to the apartment.
5.- Upon arrival, you have the opportunity to walk through the apartment and go over the inventory with us.
6.- We require that you sign a copy of the inventory.


1.- Upon arrival, the inspection and control of the inventory of the apartment is made in the presence of the guest. You must sign a copy of the inventory.


1.- Upon arrival, a contract is signed for the days you will be staying in the apartment.
2.- This helps to keep us compliant with the rules for taxes in PERÚ (SUNAT).
3.- All guests must present a valid passport and a copy of your immigration landing card.


The building has strict security policies.
1.- No smoking or use of drugs in the apartment.
2.- In order to provide respect towards our neighbors, please keep noise to a minimum.
3.- No parties in the apartment.
4.- It is a building policy that food, noise, alcohol and smoking are banned on the balcony and in all building amenity areas such as: the swimming pool, gym, games room, roof top, lobby, garage and gardens.
5.- The building prohibits the use of the balcony as an area for drying clothes.
6.- Please be respectful with the people who are working in the building and all the neighbors.
7.- If you have any visitors coming to the apartment, please advise the security person on duty and inform them of your guest’s arrival and departure.
8.- It is important to inform and record all visitors to the security on duty, by showing their passport / Foreigner ID Card/ DNI and driver’s license.
9.- All common areas of the building are under surveillance of security cameras. Any damage to the building’s common property must be reported directly to Cesar Gutiérrez and to the building front desk personnel. The guest must assume full payment of the damage caused: flowerpots, paint, floors, damage to the gym due to the incorrect use of the machines, etc.
10.- Any fine imposed by the administration of the building during the stay of the guest, due to non-compliance of the rules of the building, must be assumed in its entirety by the guest.


1.- No pets in the apartment.
2.- If you need parking for you or for your visitor, please let us know in advance. Remote control is necessary.
Parking is not always available.
3.- Take your shoes off and leave them at the entrance in order to keep the apartment clean and avoid damaging the floor.
4.- Enjoy the apartment and please treat it with the respect you would treat your own home.
5.- If you break or damage something, you must pay for it.
6.- Turn off all lights / electronic appliances when they are not in use.
7.- All apartment electronics are working properly. Any damage caused due to misuse, must be notified directly to Cesar Gutiérrez and the guest must assume full payment of the damage caused.


1.- Towels (body and hands) and bed linens are changed with each visitor.
2.- We deliver 2 sets of towels per person and 2 sets of bedding for each visit.
3.- The apartment has a washer and dryer for your clothing. Please clean the filters after each use.
4.- If you eat or drink in the apartment, please use care. The furniture and bedding could be easily damaged by accidental spills.
5.- Due to the nature of the plumbing in PERÚ, you CAN NOT flush toilet paper down the toilet.
6.- It is mandatory to use the garbage bins in the bathroom in order to avoid plumbing problems or flooding.
7.- There is a garbage chute on each floor to dispose of garbage. Between the apartment door and the elevator, there is a small door where the garbage chute is located.
8.- Plastic, boxes and/or glass bottles, must be taken to the basement, where there is a recycling depot.
9.- In situations where damage to the sofa, bed sheets, pillows, duvets, and/or towels has been caused by food, wine, blood or makeup products, we will deduct an extra professional cleaning service fee or a replacement fee from your damage deposit to cover the cost of the damaged item(s).
10.- We understand that accidents happen, and will greatly appreciate your honesty in this matter.
11.- We respect guests who are frank and sincere.


1.- All toiletry essentials such as: soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, towels, dish soap, laundry soap etc. belong to the apartment and are for common use for ALL our guests.
2.- Please feel free to use what you need during your stay, and leave the rest for the next guests.


1.- All books and magazines belong to the apartment and are for common use for all our guests.
2.- Please feel free to read what you like, and leave the books and magazines on the shelf.


1.- One cleaning fee is charged per booking, for stays between 1 day up to 2 weeks.
2.- For guests who need extra cleaning ( daily/per days or weekly), the cleaning fee is 20 USD.

Just to help you understand, Lima City is an extremely humid and dusty. Mould can easily grow and dust can easily be everywhere. We suggest weekly cleaning service as a minimum. This will ensure that the apartment is well maintained.
3.- Every cleaning fee includes: a total cleaning of the apartment, change of sheets and towels.


1.- The apartment uses GAS for both the stove / shower system.
2.- If for some reason the stove / shower stops working because the GAS has run out, please let us know and we will provide instructions.
3.- If it is an emergency, please contact the front desk so that they can inform Cesar Gutiérrez.
4.- If it is an emergency, you can ask for a new propane tank by phone, pay for the tank and we will reimburse the cost in cash.
4.- Normally the technicians who bring the gas, change the tank.

=> Note 1: Upper Pardo water heaters are electric.
=> Note 2: When you use the shower, please leave the air / humidity extractor ON for an extra 30 minutes.


1.- All apartments have a washing / drying system.
2.- Please use a minimum amount of detergent.
3.- If you use a lot of detergent, this will cause foam and water to come out of the washing machine, causing flooding in the apartment.
4.- The washing machines will only work with the COLD option (cold water).
5.- Please respect the amount of clothes to be washed. Washing machine = 5 kg / Dryer 6 kg.
Example: 1 pair of jeans/pants = 1 kg.

=> Note 1: In all the apartments we leave laundry detergent. If the detergent runs out, please notify us so we may provide more detergent.
=> Note 2: On the Upper Pardo, when you use the washer / dryer, please leave the laundry door open. This allows for air circulation and internal cooling of the electrical parts.


Av Jose Pardo 570 “Upper Pardo”: The garbage/trash collector is located in the narrow doorway / door with knob.
Av Jose Pardo 570 “Upper Pardo”: When you open the door, you will find the vertical duct for the garbage “Chute”
Av Jose Pardo 570 “Upper Pardo”: Cardboards / glass / plastic / recycling and others are collected in the basement 1 / basement 2
Av Jose Pardo 570 “Upper Pardo”: In basement 1 / basement 2 there are large trash cans for your specific use: glass / cardboard / plastic.

Calle Alcanfores 119, “ALCANFORES”: All the waste & garbage is collected in the basement 1 (there is only one container)

Tripoli Street 101, “SISLEY”: In front of the door of the apartment, going up the stairs there is a big trash can. You can drop all the garbage there. The people working in the building are constantly supervising the trash cans in the building.

Av Tejada 109 “Mar y Vista”: Near the elevator there is a door that connects to a passageway, the garbage container is located in the passage .

=> Note 1: In all the apartments we leave trash bags. If these run out, please notify us to provide more bags.
=> Note 2: Trash bags are usually in the kitchen under the sink.


In Lima, the ampere (force) assigned by the electricity company is 40 Amps (amp) per Apartment.
Consumer list:
=> Air Conditioning Consumption: 32 amp.
=> Washing machine consumption: 15 amp.
=> Dryer Consumption: 20 amp.
=> Consumption of electric shower: 32 amp (Only Pardo Upper apartments)
=> Room heater: 32 amp

If you wish to use the Air Conditioner (summer) / room heater (winter). Please turn off the Washer / Dryer.
Please do not use Washer / Dryer at the same time.
If you use the Washer or Dryer, please turn off the Air Conditioner / Room Heater.

=> Note 1: In the Upper Pardo, if you wish to use the shower, please turn OFF the Air Conditioning / Heater, Washer and Dryer.
=> Note 2: If you use all the equipment simultaneously, it will cause an electrical overload and the general electric breaker of the apartment will be turned OFF causing a power outage throughout the whole apartment.