“Low price, hot showers, clean room and good Internet for my laptop”
For the price, I had everything that interested me at that time: hot shower, clean room and an Ethernet wall socket for my laptop. The wifi works quite well, but to make phone calls or skype, it was nice to be able to connect an ethernet cable directly to my laptop. All I had to do was turn off my computer’s wifi, connect the ethernet cable and I had an incredible connection to talk to people all over the world by phone or video call. This is a rare capacity at any hotel within Peru and it was nice to have it here for such a low price. For a Peruvian sole (around 33 cents), I could ask that they take me in a tut tut (three-wheeled taxi) to Mercado Santa Rosa. They left me at the corner of Tolomeo and Guardia Civil. From there I was able to cross the street (Guardia Civil) to do some shopping or eating that offered a traditional Peruvian experience. If I wanted a more modern theme, I could cross Ptolemy instead and visit the Via Mix shopping center, which is only a few steps east of where the Tut Tut would normally leave me. Via Mix has a small but more modern store called Metro (or Metro Express). The store is at the end of several banks that offer services on foot and ATMs. It also has a movie theater called Star Premium Cinema above. Also on the second floor of the Via Mix, there are some restaurants that resemble stalls that might look like a small modern indoor mall but serve Peruvian food. I also liked to get to the corner of Guardia Civil and El Sol because it was easier to take the buses that went to places in the city that I liked to visit, and I liked some of the food offered by the vendors in that corner. . Also, it was easier for me to tell the Tut Tut drivers from the corner of Guardia Civil and El Sol how to get back to the apartment. It was a good experience for me and I also hope that others have the same.