Transfer Service

Moving from the Airport to the Apartment:


Lima Airport and Callao:

The airport of Lima is located in Callao, which is 20km from the tourist district of Miraflores.
Unfortunately, the Callao is one of the most dangerous areas in Peru.
Local authorities always advise tourists not to be alone at the airport and avoid contact with strangers.

Airport Transfer to the apartment:

You have 3 options:

1.- Bus service from the Airport to Miraflores. (
=> Note: It is a cheap option if you are travelling alone and with few valuables.

2.-Taxi service from the Airport to Miraflores. Average price 25 USD – 60 USD. There are some taxi companies that you will find inside Jorge Chavez Airport: CMV Taxi Remisse Ejecutivo, Mitsoo Remisse Taxi, Taxi365, Taxi Directo and Taxi Green.
=> Note: Lima has a high level of traffic congestion. The route between Miraflores and the Airport is constantly besieged by motorcyclists who take advantage of the traffic to rob.
Also, suspected complicity of theft between the Taxi drivers apps/Taxi Airport and the robbers have been reported in the news and by locals and tourists.
3.- Personal and Private Airport Transfer ( Available 24 hours).
For the security and safety of our guests, we have decided to offer Airport Transfer Services, directly from the airport to our private underground parking in the building, provided by my brother Cesar Gutierrez.
Compared to other taxi services / transport on the street, you will be able to load/ unload your suitcases and belongings without any risk once inside our private underground parking.
If something is forgotten or falls inside the car like a wallet, cell phone, keys, passport, IDs, credit cards etc., it will always be in our car and you can get it back.
The boarding is done without haste and without hurry, compared to any other service that you can hire in the airport or street. Zero stress.
This is the safest way to get from the airport directly to the apartment in Miraflores.
This service provides safety and security for our guests who are arriving with valuables.
This service provides the guarantee and security for tourists and executives who arrive with valuable items and wish to have a personalized service in a family environment that is quiet, private, reliable and safe.

3.1.- Transfer from the airport to the apartment. 40 USD
3.2.- Transfer from the apartment to the airport. 40 USD
3.3.- Both services: Airport Transfer Check IN/CHECK-OUT: 70 USD
=> We provide a receipt/invoice. You can pay with credit card/VISA.

* The Airport Transfer Service is available 24 hours.
* If you want to use our service, check availability in advance.
* All toll payments, Airport parking fee, gas and 120 minutes of waiting; Are included in the rate.
* If you want to use our services, we will need the details of your flight, airline, date and time of arrival.
* After your flight lands, the time between immigration, luggage and customs is around 40 minutes – 60 minutes.
* The price of the service includes 120 minutes of waiting from the moment your flight lands (reference google), we monitor your flight via google.
* After 120 minutes of waiting time, an additional charge of 10 USD/hour for each hour of waiting will be added.
* The time from the airport to the apartment (Miraflores) is 60 minutes and can be twice the time during the rush hour.
* Please remember, we are not a transportation or taxi company. This is a personalized and private service exclusively for our guests and visitors.

Private Transfer Service inside Lima:

My brother Cesar Gutierrez, offers a “Car for Hired Service” inside the Lima area ( Museums, Markets, Lima Center, Churches, Beaches, Pachacamac ruins etc)
The fee for service is based on an hourly rate.
Minimum service time: 3 hours.
The hourly service price is 10 USD / Hour.
The price includes tolls, gas and parking.
* Please remember, we are not a transportation or taxi company. This is a personalized service exclusively for our guests and visitors.